miércoles, 22 de enero de 2014

All of we are hamlet

While I am introducing myself in this interesting course I remember one of the most atractive teather plays that I ever have seen in Valencia. The name is All of we are Hamlet, Is was played four years ago by the Shakespeare company off Spain it was directed by Manuel Conejero.  The most particular diference in this performance is that each actor plays Hamlet, so we can saw the diferents faces of Hamlet. The scenery was empty, without nothing appart from the actors. The actors were dressed black jeans and black T-shirts, the actors had flashlights in their hands, at the end of the performance, the director explained his point of view and it was really interesting. The other one performance that I saw in Valencia was really diferent, combined cinema and theather, and was It was a critique of authoritarian political regimes. The actors wears clothes similar to the nazi or communist movement, they sang and danced, it was really good, and deep, and showed hamlet sexual passion to his mother.

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